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Carpet Removal Chicago & Selective Demolition in Chicago

You may require a large home renovation or your plans may only be to update a single room. In either case, it starts with interior demolition in Chicago, including carpet removal. This is often a major part of the project and is more stressful than you might think. You might be ready to move forward with a wonderful new design you envision in your home, but it’s impossible to lay your new flooring down until you get the interior demolition contractors in Chicago from D&D Interior Demolition to take care of the carpet removal and dispose of the padding.
Reputable professionals in carpet removal in Chicago will move out all the furniture, safely and efficiently tear up the old carpet and padding during the selective demolition process, and bring the furniture back to where it belongs. When your home is updated, these experts will do the heavy lifting to dispose of and recycle old carpeting and padding, as well as any debris that was left behind in the process. So you don’t have to go through the painful hassle of carpet removal in Chicago when preparing to lay down new flooring for your home or business.
Plus, while taking care of your carpet removal, count on our interior demolition contractors in Chicago to handle anything else you want to be removed at the same time.


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