Foundation Crack Repair in Chicago | Extreme Foundation Repair

It's the rainy season, are you really ready? Leaks are a major no-no and can lead to water damage inside your home or basement. Be wise and trust Extreme Home, experts in foundation crack repair in Chicago.

Our Extreme Home consultants are specialists in foundation repair. While most foundation wall cracks are normal shrinkage cracks that are not structurally damaged, the first step is to  diagnose your crawlspace or basement, the predominant level, and additionally the pinnacle flooring of the house, seeking out symptoms of structural trouble. Don't wait for an accident, it's not only an aesthetic  problem, sloping floors and window misalignment are a sign of a foundation crack. 

Fixing damage to your Ram jack foundation is key to improving the value of your home, and also providing safety to you and your loved ones. Work with Extreme Homes experts on foundation crack repair.

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