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If you have noticed that your exterior masonry work is cracking and crumbling, don’t delay calling Prime Masonry in Chicago for help. Ignoring this problem can lead to more significant issues such as water entering your interior. This will cause sagging beams, wood rot, and mold. Eventually, this will impact the construction of your home, placing you and your family in an unsafe environment. Tuckpointing is a skilled remediation method that will save your masonry and keep your home in pristine condition. Masonry dates back to the middle-ages and is a skill performed correctly by only a handful of masons. Weather, age, and environmental changes can wreck your masonry, and expert tuck pointers will do their best to match your existing stonework with new aggregates and pigments to fill in the gaps. You will not find more experienced masons than the ones at Prime. Don’t delay; give us a call today.


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