Refresh your home exterior for spring – porches, decks & fences maintenance tips

Refresh your home exterior for spring - porches, decks & fences maintenance tips

Now that the winter is fading, the snow is melting, and the sun is finally shining again, your home exterior probably needs anything from some little touch-ups to some major renovations. Whether it is your porch or deck, a patio, or the fencing around your property, getting to work on renovations during the spring can ensure your home is in great shape for the summer.

However, completing these kinds of renovations can be a daunting challenge. That’s why finding reliable exterior renovation contractors like Koval Porch Builders or Continental Fence Contractors is the best option for refreshing your home exterior. Here are a few reasons why contractors or other renovation professionals can be a smart choice for any home owner:

    • Fully licensed and insured – contractors have gone through training, been certified by professionals, and draw on extensive experience in home renovation projects
    • Learning about your options – qualified renovation contractors can walk you through choices in materials, colors, and customization
    • Clean up and safety – by using professional contractors, you will have a team working for you that not only can ensure safety measures are in place during renovation, but can also ensure your property is cleaned up afterwards

But what things you should consider when evaluating whether your porch, deck, or fences need maintenance? Here are some maintenance tips to make it easier:


  • Sweeping your porch or deck weekly to clear them of leaves, dirt, or other residue from the weather can help to ensure buildup doesn’t happen
  • Applying a fresh coat of paint can not only help your porch or deck be more durable, but can also add to the aesthetic look of the porch or deck and as such, add to your home’s value and curb appeal
  • You will want to use deck cleaner after a long winter, but be sure to choose the appropriate deck cleaner for the material on your porch or deck. Whether it is wood, composite, or vinyl, choosing the right cleaner ensures you don’t cause damage to your surface.
  • Finally, be sure to leave your deck two days to dry and recover from the cleaner before sealing it – this ensures the cleaning will actually be effective and long lasting


  • The first trick to a good fence is choosing the right material – make sure the hardwood or metal product you have chosen is certified for all weather conditions. The more you invest in the materials of your fence, the stronger and longer lasting it will be.
  • Avoid excess water on your fence if possible. While you can’t control the weather, by ensuring sprinklers or hoses aren’t near it, you can prevent the amount of water your fencing is exposed to.
  • Protect your fence posts, especially wood, from the soil – the soil can degrade the wood quickly and leave your fence weak and ineffective
  • Address damage immediately – doing quick repairs can save you from much bigger renovations down the road.

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