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3 Ways Weather Can Damage House Siding

Your house siding, when exposed to the elements, can be damaged to the point of needing repairs or replacement. The harsh weather in Fox Lake bows to no one so make sure you watch out for the elements that can deplete the quality of your siding.

1. Wind

Proper siding installation from reputable siding contractors Fox Lake, like Buzz ND Siding Contractors, is important in withstanding strong winds that can cause vinyl or wood sidings to crack or chip.

2. Sun

The sun’s harsh rays can bring about unwanted fading to wood or vinyl siding. Steel siding will not fade as bad, but this will still be a challenge once you decide to do replacements as it will not match the original anymore.

3. Hail

Damages to siding from hailstones can cause heating and cooling systems to work inefficiently. This will eventually lead to higher utility costs. Holes can also be caused by damaged vinyl or wood siding.

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