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Managing Drafty Windows: Advice from Premium Windows - The Tops of the Window Companies in Downers Grove

It’s easy to look for drafty windows in your home. Carefully hold a lit candle or small tissue next to your window and if you notice any fluttering, that’s an air leak. Air leaks can cost you more money than you think on your energy bills month after month.   

There are some simple solutions to seal your drafty windows back up, potentially making it unnecessary to get a windows replacement Downers Grove. Caulk over every small gap you can find around all your windows. You might also use a layered curtain or draft snake to close off the holes around your windows.

If there is any wood rot, window hardware that’s malfunctioning, or you can’t close your windows properly, that’s another matter entirely. In these instances, we would direct you to speak with a window installer in Downers Grove for a window replacement. A new window installation in Downers Grove can do wonders to keep your home efficiency up, as well as your curb appeal.   

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